Sustainable Supply Chain (2015), Negah Danesh Pub.

Sustainable Supply Chain (2015), Negah Danesh Pub.

The development and advancement of technology and the expansion of industries have caused many complications, problems and transformations to human life. Among them is the increase in environmental damage and numerous professional events and changes in social problems caused by developmental measures. Since safety and security have long been considered as part of the basic human needs, He has been continuously working on promoting this in all aspects of professional life. This book consists of five chapters.

The first chapter explains the concepts of sustainability, sustainable development and corporate sustainability. After identifying the dimensions and components of sustainability (quality, staff and environment), they are evaluated by each in the high-risk industries.

Accordingly, the second chapter examines the quality pillar in the form of payment awards. The third chapter examines the five pillars of safety and health, safety, environment and social responsibility, and in the next section, hybrid models are presented.

The fourth chapter integrates the approaches of the second and third chapters to the introduction of the model (indicators and sub-indicators) of sustainable excellence (H3SE excellence in the petrochemical industry).

Although performance evaluation tools have promising strengths, some scientific and executive failures are also included. Chapter 5 examines the new approaches to performance evaluation based on H3SE excellence. In this chapter, concepts of the path to sustainable excellence and a dynamic approach to performance excellence, and the logic of multi-criteria decision making and clustering are introduced.